It has been one month since the release of Pokémon Rumble World on the 3DS!

Pokémon Rumble World is similar to its predecessors, by having a very basic gameplay mechanic, this game is great for a younger audience to pick up and play, although the game does start to lose its touch after 20 minutes of gameplay. For us older gamers and long lived fans of the Pokémon series this game doesn’t have much to offer, the premise of the game is to control cute toy Pokémon in order to collect all 710 species of Pokémon. The story isn’t anything special you play as your mii character and you’re ordered by a king to start collecting as many Pokémon as you can, that’s pretty much the entire plot of this game however you are given daily challenges to complete which makes the story slightly more entertaining, but it’s not about the story, the game is about collecting your toy pocket monster.

Continuing, the gameplay consist of playing as a toy Pokémon and using them to attack other toy Pokémon, many of the elements from the main line Pokémon games also come into effect in this game such as type effectiveness, status conditions and level of Pokémon. There’s really only two goals the player has to work towards which is collecting all 710 Pokémon and buying all the items in the shop, the shop offers clothing for your mii and various upgrades for your toy Pokémon, during the game you collect coins which can be used as currency in the shop you also collect poke-diamonds by completing daily challenges you can also obtain these diamonds through the street pass feature, but if you’re feeling good you could also purchase poke-diamonds through the E-shop with real money.

Lastly, the newest mechanic which has just been recently added is, the player can use passwords to unlock Pokémon toys to their game, these Pokémon contain special moves that cannot be unlocked by normal means of gameplay. I will leave the Torchic code in this post so if anyone wants it feel free to download it. This code allows Torchic to gain the moves Flame Charge and Flame Burst enjoy!

Wrapping things up I believe this game is good if you have some time to kill and you’re getting tired of playing super smash brothers on your 3DS, the game isn’t complete garbage it’s just not a game I would invest many hours into, like I said in the beginning of the article I believe this game is great for a younger audience due to its simplicity, however  if you’re an older fan you may see it as very boring with a lack of challenge but the game is FREE which makes it totally worth checking out give it a shot see if you enjoy it!


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