Attack on Titan is getting its own live action film.

Attack on Titian has become one of biggest anime around many people have suggested the anime to me, I gave it a watch and discovered its actually very good the animation is one of a kind, the story is unique and different, the blood and death scenes are always so dramatic they make me cling onto my pillow while watching. If you still haven’t watched this anime I highly recommend it!! Since this anime has grown in popularity in a few short years and many people have become fans of this story, Shinji Higuchi (director) is going to be releasing an Attack on Titan live action movie which will be released in Japan on the 1st of August this year.

I’ve never been a fan of the anime movies they always seem to be more like a giant filler to me rather than an enjoyable part of the story I can become immersed in, however this movie seems as its going to be the entire first season of the anime wrapped up into an hour and half of live action goodness. So far from what I can from the trailer this film looks like it’s going to stay true to the original content not like some other anime to live action movies out there, like M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Air bender” that was garbage but that’s another conversation for another day.

Comparing these pictures of the Colossal Titan with the live action version he looks very good by following the original design of the anime not much has been changed other than adding some realistic textures to make this beast fit into our real world.

Attack-on-titan-ohshit attack-on-titan

I’m looking forward to these adaption of the story honestly I don’t don’t know how this film will turn out, turning an animated piece of work into a live film is tricky and if the director changes anything from the original content, this film will end up with “The Last Air bender” personally I’m excited to see how this film will turn out hopefully it won’t be one to disappoint.


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