Is Loot Crate worth it?

Is Loot Crate worth it?

Loot Crate is a monthly box, of geek and gamer gear, every month the subscriber receives a box in the mail with an assortment of different items these items are always gamer/geek related. Loot Crate promises the subscriber to receive a box of “Loot” every month with at least a $40 value. A month subscription is about $20 that’s with shipping and handling fees, a three month subscription is roughly $60, a six month subscription runs about $113 and last but not least a full year subscription will run $215. So with all these different prices being thrown around it makes me question is Loot Crate worth your hard earned cash?

Well let’s begin with what you receive in your crate every month each month there’s a different theme which gives the subscriber some sort of idea of what they will receive, this month theme is unite which seems like some sort of superhero theme most likely due to the release of “Age of Ultron” some pass themes have been fantasy, rewind and covert. The items will correlate to the theme, I’ll put an unboxing video and some images showing off some of the neat things that people received in last month’s crate. The theme was fantasy so each item was related to that theme. Personal I like the themes that the Loot Crate team puts together every month, I enjoy this very much it allows me to take some guesses of what items I’ll be receiving in my mail box every month.



Covert theme


So with all of these goodies you can get each month is it really worth the price tag? Would it be cheaper to buy all of these items individually? The short answer is yes its 100% worth the money I mean you can’t really ask for anything better than this. If you are avid collector of geeky items like myself then it’s a great resource to get many of the items you’re looking for, also loot crate has many exclusive items that can’t be purchased in stores making these items more valuable to collectors. The best perk I think that you get with subscribing to Loot Crate is you don’t have to go out and purchase anything, it all gets delivered to your mail box and that’s great for someone like myself who works often and doesn’t have much free time to go run to stores and purchase these items individually.  If you’re interested in subscribing to Loot Crate I would recommend doing a month subscription its $20 you can’t go wrong give it a try I believe it’s totally worth the money!

Interested in loot Crate? Here’s the link

Call of Duty Black ops 3 will be coming this November!

Call of Duty Black ops 3 will be coming this November!

Treyarch is finally starting to rival some more content about Call of Duty Black ops 3, the game seems as it is going to appear in a dystopian themed society. The year is 2065 so 45 years after its predecessor Call of Duty Black ops 2. The main controversy in the game seems to follow the merge of technology with human beings, creating some sort of “Super Human” which eventually will lead to the creation of “Super Soldiers.” Honestly I think this idea is very creative and different, I like the route Treyarch is going with this new Call of Duty game.

Moving on with the merging of technology and humans, it seems that there will be many options in this rendition of Call of Duty allowing players to have more freedom than ever before. The main mechanic of the game making it unique from all the other Call of Duty’s in the series is the SOLDIER IS NOW THE WEAPON. Pretty much your solider is going too fused with technologic advances allowing them to actually be the weapon. In the clip the soldiers seem to have plenty of new abilities that will keep this Call of Duty feeling fresh way beyond its launch date. Some of the abilities consist of converting the soldiers hand into a gun, super punching (which will probably replace the knifing feature) and it seems as if the solider can throw some type of frag at the enemy by ejecting them out of their hands.


One great new feature that is being added into Call of Duty Black ops 3 is the Gunsmith feature this feature allows players to customize their weapons unlike any of the other passed Call of Duty’s have. I’m really excited to see to what extent this feature will go to I’m totally looking forward to this!!!

“David Vonderhaar, studio design director at Treyarch, said the new weapon customization system allows players to simultaneously equip up to five attachments and an optic. Once a weapon has been fine-tuned to their liking, players can customize and personalize them with next gen camos and an infinite number of user-generated content possibilities with the Paint shop.” (

In other news there is no said date of when we will be getting another trailer for the multiplayer however at the end of this trailer they confirm that zombies will be coming back which is something I’m extremely excited for I will be posting more about Black ops 3 as more information is released thank you and happy gaming.